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Bacterial Infection Diagnosis is Too Slow and Complex

QSM On-Demand Diagnostics


Our test provides accurate bacterial identification in 2 minutes, resulting in faster recovery with targeted treatment.

We have patents in electrochemical sensing that allow us to to detect target molecules faster, more reliably, using a one-step method 

Technology Showcase

Watch a video of QSM's Founder Ed Goluch describe the sensor and technology.

First Target: Dog Ear Infections


Rapid Detection

Effective Treatment

Rapid Detection

 We have developed a diagnostic that quickly identifies ear infections caused by the problematic bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa in 2 minutes. 


Easy to Use

Effective Treatment

Rapid Detection

 Get test results by swabbing the dog’s ear and simply transferring the material to our test strip.   


Effective Treatment

Effective Treatment

Effective Treatment

 Our test will confirm the veterinarian’s diagnosis and help them to prescribe the proper course of treatment before the pet leaves the clinic. 

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 QSM Diagnostics develops point-of-care diagnostics for the rapid identification of bacterial infections. We have several decades of experience in the development and commercialization of sensors and medical devices. QSM spun out of the Goluch Research Group at Northeastern University in 2018. 


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