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Why Our Company


QSM Diagnostics was founded in 2014 as a spin out from the Goluch Group at Northeastern University. We have several decades of experience in the development and commercialization of medical devices. Our main expertise is in sensor development.

What We Do


We are developing a point-of-care diagnostics for identification of bacterial infections. Our initial product is being designed for assisting in the determination of urinary tract infection in human and animal samples. Tests for other infectious diseases are in development.

How We Work With You


Our patent pending platform can be rapidly modified to detect any target of interest. We are interested in collaborating with partners that need a rapid test developed for their biomarkers.


Our Technology

Electrochemical Sensing


We have multiple patents pending in the areas of electrochemical sensing that allow us to to detect target molecules faster, more reliably, using a one-step method. Our tests can be performed directly in any biological fluid with zero sample preparation or incubation.




Our electrochemical output allows us to use a battery powered handheld reader to obtain the test results in minutes.

Multiple Tests on a Single Disposable


We can detect and quantify multiple biomarkers simultaneously in a single test.

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