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QSM is looking for innovative veterinarians to beta test QSM's new diagnostic device. If you are interested in learning more about the device and are willing to test a device in your clinic please sign up below. 

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QSM Diagnostics, Inc. began in July 2017, when founder and CEO Dr. Ed Goluch decided to devote all of this time to commercializing the innovations he had developed with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation. QSM technology rapidly identifies the bacterial species causing an infection and monitors their levels in bodily fluids by quantitatively measuring the concentration of unique quorum sensing molecules (QSMs) secreted by bacterial cells. 

As QSM's first endeavor, QSM is seeking to help Veterinarians successfully diagnose and treat Pseudomonas dog ear infections. Pseudomonas ear infections in dogs take days to accurately diagnose, yet they require the most immediate and aggressive treatment due to the ease of developing severe complications and antibiotic resistance. Over 9 million dogs in the US visit the veterinarian each year for ear infections, and up to half of these dogs end up with a recurrent and complicated ear infection from improperly diagnosing Pseudomonas. 

 QSM Diagnostics provides the only instrument-sensor method for identifying and monitoring biomarkers produced by common bacteria in ear pus. In under 2 minutes, electronic sensors are used to detect the unique QSM molecules that each bacteria produces and secretes. Our Pseudomonas sensor has been shown to be effective in pre-clinical human and animal studies, as well as with initial dog ear swabs.